Oil Spill Control

Gladiator is a unique silicone-based liquid for the control of oil spills on water.

Gladiator spreads across the water surface, pushing the oil away and consolidating it on the surface. Its spreading action is very strong: it will keep spreading across a large water body until it forms a thin film on the surface.

By applying Gladiator at appropriate locations around a spill, the oil can be concentrated for easy collection by booms or skimmers.

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Oil On Puddle

Oil On Puddle

After application Of Gladiator along the Edges

After application Of Gladiator along the Edges

Why is Gladiator so Special?

Gladiator has a very low surface tension, which translates into a strong spreading pressure, and hence it is an effective means of concentrating oil.

Another feature of Gladiator is that its viscosity remains stable over a wide temperature range. For example in icy waters the handling and spreading characteristics of Gladiator will not be significantly affected.

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