Aquatain Drops

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Enviro Safe Mosquito Drops is a unique liquid for
mosquito control. Completely non-toxic and
environmentally friendly, it works by forming a very
thin silicone film on the water surface, eradicating
immature mosquito stages and disrupting the

mosquito life cycle.

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Aquatain Mosquito Drops are water-soluble capsules containing Aquatain AMF. When the capsule dissolves, it releases the Aquatain AMF to spread across the surface.

The capsules are designed for small containers of water where mosquitoes breed around the home or the village, and can be safely used by the general public.

Aquatain Mosquito Drops are a simple way to target mosquitoes at their breeding source.

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Weight 67 kg
Dimensions 12 × 45 × 65 cm

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