Mosquito Drops 45ml


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Effective for 4 weeks!

Simply squeeze a few drops
onto the water surface.
(0.5ml/1m2 surface)


Barrier Film

Without Nasty Chemicals!

Enviro Safe Mosquito Drops is a unique liquid for
mosquito control. Completely non-toxic and
environmentally friendly, it works by forming a very
thin silicone film on the water surface, eradicating
immature mosquito stages and disrupting the

mosquito life cycle.

How to Use?

For use in all areas where standing water
Buckets, vases, flowerpot trays, bamboo
pole holders, ponds, gutters, blocked
drains, troughs, septic tanks and even old
Larger areas of stagnant water such as
gutters and big puddles
Where can it be used?

Reduce Mosquito populations by
BREAKING the breeding cycle.
Eliminates mosquito in standing water

around your home.