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What makes Envirosafe fly traps different?

The EnviroSafeTM Fly Trap and attractant system is a revolutionary design that sets a new standard in fly catching, representing the best value for money product on the market. It is the result of years of intensive research to determine the most cost-effective and easy to use method of catching flies.

The attractant is formulated with all food-grade ingredients and is completely pesticide free.

Simply add water, swirl to mix and hang the trap in sunlight.

Benefits of Envirosafe Fly Traps

  • Highly effective
  • Pesticide free, non-toxic attractant
  • Economical • Sturdy, re-usable trap
  • Helps control disease-carrying pest flies

Additional information

Weight 67 kg
Dimensions 12 × 45 × 65 cm

Red, Yellow, Purple


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